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Sister Rivalry

As a mother, it may be difficult to witness rivalry between your young daughters. The bickering, arguing, and sometimes physical fighting can be stressful for you. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to assist your daughters through their rivalry by understanding the issues that surround it, and the positive outcomes it may bring in the future.


When it comes to sisters, sibling rivalry is usually caused by jealousy and/or competition. You may first notice this developing when you have your second daughter. Your eldest daughter may feel that she now has to compete for your attention, and may feel that she is not receiving the same treatment as her younger sister. This is normal behavior, but if not addressed, has the potential of escalating into other problems.


Your daughters have an unconditional love for one another, even with the existence of their rivalry. As a mother, you can ease this tension by first acknowledging the feelings of your eldest daughter by listening to her without interrupting by offering solutions. Then you take charge. Don’t accept any tattling, never compare, show no favoritism, and take no sides. Encourage your daughters to work things out on their own. Their unconditional love will always prevail.


By following the suggestions of dealing with the rivalry between your daughters, you are indirectly teaching them critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and how to apologize, forgive, and move forward. These are important skills for your daughters to learn so they will be able to deal with conflict in a positive manner as they grow into adulthood.

Rivalry is very beneficial in later years.

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