Interior Harmony for the Kids’ Room

Interior Harmony for the Kids’ Room

PrioTime: Interior Harmony for the Kids’ Room

PrioTime: Interior Harmony for the Kids’ Room

According to Feng shui, your living environment directly affects your life. Psychologists also agree that your surroundings can influence your mood and productivity.

That’s even more valid for children. The setting in which kids grow and develop can boost their learning, health and well-being. Here are a few suggestions on how to create a harmonious kids’ bedroom.


Traditionally, people pick pink for girls and blue for boys. Unless your child has a strong fondness for these colors, you’d better ignore them.

As it turns out, the ‘boring’, earthy colors – beige, ochre, brown, and brick, are more suitable for a child’s bedroom. They are closer to nature and neutral enough to give your child some freedom in adding whatever accessories he or she enjoys.

White and cooler tones are more appropriate for calming down especially active children. Provide more light and brightness for the shyer and less confident ones.


Posters with animation heroes are not only an expression of entertainment preference, but also recommended by specialists. The big eyes, wide smiles and bright colors bring joy to the room and elevate your offspring’s mood.

Certain objects have specific effects according to some:

  • A globe or a map encourages learning.
  • A clock boosts discipline.
  • A music box can be calming.


Put a picture that your kid likes most right across the door, if you can. This will make him (or her) feel welcome and empowered in their own room.

To avoid distraction, place the desk in front of the window and keep the space under the bed neat. If the room allows it, provide somewhat defined storage, activity and reading areas. You can get room dividers or simply use theme colors or motives to do that.

Finally, make sure the environment is cosy, safe and age-appropriate. Don’t think about your own ideas of aesthetics and ease of cleaning. Instead, support your children to express their unique personalities so that they fully enjoy their personal space.

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