How Can I Find a Good Job?

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6 Tips > How Can I Find a Good Job?

In today’s seemingly shrinking job market, finding a good job can be difficult especially for fresh graduates. In fact, even professionals with years of experience dread the job hunting process. Here are six tips to finding a job:

1. Online job search

The internet provides amazing resources for job hunting in the form of classified ads, job banks, job listings, job search engines and so on. These allow you to research by career, location, position and so on.

2. Referrals and connections

Having someone refer you a job or using a connection making your entry to a certain position is one of the best ways to find a job. Hence, the importance of building a solid network is very crucial in your professional life.

3. Search by career field

Instead of aimlessly searching for job postings, it makes more sense to search by career. This increases your chances of finding a job that fits your educational background, work experience and passions.

4. Go for startups

Look for amazing startups – companies that have a great idea but no money to execute it. With these companies, you are not after the money. Instead, you are after what you will leave behind and what you can consequently put on your resume. It is always impressive to be part of a remarkable startup – you were part of bringing something to life.

5. Job Fairs

There are several virtual and live job fairs that are happening online or in your vicinity. Job fairs are held regularly at universities and other institutions.

6. Use a head hunter

Going for a head hunter has several advantages. First, they may have connections and news on job openings that are not publicly advertised. Second, a good head hunter will ensure that you are placed in a job position that is closest to what you are looking for. Third, if no job openings are available in line of your preferences, head hunters can refer you contractual and part-time jobs in the mean time.

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