Family Fights and How to Resolve Them

PrioBlog: Family Fights and How to Resolve Them

PrioTime: Family Fights and How to Resolve Them

Family Fights and How to Resolve Them

There is not a single family in the world that has not experienced some kind of fight between family members. This includes parents fighting with each other or with the children and children fighting with their brothers/sisters. For tips to keep your marriage strong read: 3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Marriage Strong.

The irony is that there’s usually no good, single reason for the family fight.

Reasons and Triggers that Often Start a Fight

  • Unequal love and treatment of different family members
  • Misunderstandings
  • Personality clashes
  • Spending too little (or way too much) time together
  • Generation gap
  • Disrespecting privacy (including secrets)

Although, family fights are not fun, they are sometimes funnier than the people involved in the fight would ever believe.

Families all have their problems, and occasional disputes in families are inevitable. Especially if stress is higher than usual, people are having a hard time sticking to a job or being able live with the available budget.

Tips on How to Deal with Family Fights

  • Tell everyone how you really feel
  • Don’t choose sides – try to see everyone’s point of view
  • Involve someone who’s not part of the fight to help to solve the issue(s)
  • Increase the communication (let everyone speak out)
  • Compromise
  • Create some temporary space/distance to get a clearer perspective
  • Get professional help (mediation, counseling)

Try to regain the close family bond and cherish the love and respect for each other in order to overcome disputes and fights.

For information about parenting check: 10 Traits of Great Parents.

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