6 Characteristics of Happy People

PrioBlog: 6 Characteristics of Happy People

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Characteristics of Happy People Revealed

Observing how happy people conduct their lives can help you emulate certain aspects and improve your own level of satisfaction in life. There are many characteristics that happy people have in common, and researchers have discovered one fact that is very important: chasing the pleasures in life — such as wealth and belongings — does nothing to lasting fulfillment. Instead, true happiness comes from the following characteristics.

1. Spending Money on Experiences over Belongings

Happy people tend to put their money into life experiences that make them happy — such as going to concerts, taking cooking classes, and signing up for sports — over material belongings.

2. Happy People Look Back Fondly on the Past

Research finds that happy people seem to live a lot in the past, reliving their past joys while ignoring the pains. This means when happy people look back, the focus on good memories.

3. Surrounding Themselves with Happy People

Some people are more likely to “catch” the emotions of others. Happy people tend to surround themselves with other happy people, and when someone smiles at them, it makes them feel good inside. You can try this yourself by paying more attention to the emotions of the people around you.

4. They Appreciate the Little Things

Happy people take more time to appreciate the little joys in life and find meaning in the small things. Emulate this by practicing gratitude for everything you have and seeking out those small moments that give you some joy.

5. Happy People Help Others

Happy people are more likely to volunteer, which helps their physical and emotional health. People who volunteer tend to be happier, have less depression and experience better overall health.

6. Happy People Seek Out Deeper Conversation

Finally, happy people are more likely to skip small talk with friends and family and seek out substantive conversation for more satisfaction. They aren’t afraid to express their feelings and look for opportunities to talk about what matters to them.

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