5 Tips for Super Healthy Eyes

Super Healthy Eyes

PrioTime: 5 Tips for Super Healthy Eyes

PrioTime: 5 Tips for Super Healthy Eyes

Some things do get better as we grow older. Eyesight is not one of them. Does this mean to give up and accept it? Of course not!

The tips below may not miraculously prevent your eyes from aging. But they will certainly help to slow down the process and keep your eyes healthy.

1. Eye Gym

Focusing at computer screens for a long time (as most of us do nowadays) leads to faster eye muscle atrophy. You can prevent that from happening by training your eyes every 30-40 minutes.

It really is easier than it sounds. All you have to do is take a pause and focus on a distant object for a few seconds. Then switch to a close one. Do that a few times and your training session is complete.

2. Blink!

It may be strange, but many of us simply forget to blink, especially while working on a computer. This can dry the eyes out and damage your eyesight. Be mindful of how often you blink and make sure to do it enough throughout the day.

3. Spend Time Outside

Artificial lighting is not good for your eyes. Try to take frequent breaks outside and look at greenery as much as possible.

If you have to spend most of your days inside, however, make sure the light is strong enough and not directly pointing at you. Dim lighting makes you strain your eyes more.

4. Invest in Quality Glasses

As good as being out is, UV light is not only harmful to your skin, but also to your eyes. Make sure your eyeglasses provide a good quality protection.

Darkened glasses make your pupil open wide which allows more harmful UV light to damage your eyes. If you are not sure about your glasses, skip wearing them altogether. This will make your pupils shrink, thus protecting your eyes naturally.

5. Stay Fit

Eating healthy and regular exercising improve your overall health. Lacking some key micronutrients can affect your vision. Being sedentary can disturb your blood circulation, thus harming your eyes too.

Some foods are known to promote better eye health. You may want to eat more: carrots, fish, parsley, berries, beetroot and pumpkin.

Taking good care for your eyes is important. It’s always easier to prevent potential problems than deal with them once they are a fact. So, in addition to following the guidelines above, don’t forget to do regular check-ups with a specialist.

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